We supply the parts you need, but our technical support services provide real value, to increase your productivity and control your costs.

In-Plant Surveys – We will survey your existing hose and gasket applications so that we have an accurate understanding of your stocking requirements. We will also recommend alternative products, if warranted, that may provide superior performance.

Employee Training – We will train your employees in hose, gasket, and packing applications and techniques, and we’ll do it at your site or at our facility.

Knowledgeable Sales and Fabrication Staff – Our employees have over 400 years of cumulative experience in supplying the right parts, supplies, and services for your applications. We pride ourselves in solving problems for our customers.

Factory Support – Sometimes the situation needs a little extra knowledge. Because of our long-standing manufacturer relationships, Bowling Green Rubber & Gasket can call in the factory experts when we need to solve even the most complicated problems.

Knowledge, Support, and Experience are the key ingredients that Bowling Green Rubber & Gasket can provide for your company’s success. Contact us for all the support you need.