BG Rubber’s newest piece of equipment for creating custom parts. Similar to our waterjet, our new flash cutter can creates custom parts quickly. It is a dieless knife cutting table used for cutting soft and semi-rigid materials. Knife cutting systems guarantee quality, reliability and performance, just like our waterjet. However, flash cutting is a faster and less expensive process.

Here’s a look at what a flash cutter can do:

The Flashcut is an efficient, versatile, and powerful system suitable for a wide variety of industries and applications:

The flash cutting process utilizes a CNC machine to hold and cut precision material from .001 of an inch up to ¾ of an inch thick. It also provides customization options and faster production turn-around times. The flash cutting process allows you to easily produce prototypes from CAD drawings and makes custom products in a matter of minutes.

The flash cutter is installed with projectors to visualize the cutting layout which means better utilization of material and less cost to the consumer.