Over the past three years we have been remodeling and rearranging our office and showroom. The new look features tons of products that our customers can browse through while they wait. We also added new decor, new TVs, vending machines, complementary water, a new diamond-plated counter, display crimp machine and custom table, and even a CCTV system that give customers a peek into our shop.

With the remodel, we decided to become an official Eaton Aeroquip Express Hose Center. This means as a customer, you can watch our Eaton Aeroquip certified hose assembly technicians fabricate your hose while you wait at the counter. Aeroquip brand hose and fittings are high quality and will get you back up and running fast.

We are very happy with our new look, and we hope that it improves our customers’ experience. Come on in and see it for yourself. You can watch our staff make a hose while you wait! Or just browse the newest items in our show room.

Be sure the check out our featured gallery above for a look at our before and after shots.